Top 5 Essential Marketing Mantras For Hotels

Date: October, 2020

Mobile First Experiences
Make sure the digital image of your hotel / resort is on point, more specifically the website that needs to be super creative & mobile-friendly because study says, that 80% of booking searches are on mobile compared to other devices. The entire digital marketing promotion of a hotel/resort is to focus to brand visibility and enhance direct sales for the hotel/resort which means to convince guest to book through your website or direct reservations contact for which the website needs to be in manner that attracts the interest of the visitor to stay on the page for a decent amount of time until he takes the next action towards conversion.

Omnipresent on Meta Search
Meta search is one of the most important marketing medium for hospitality industry. Meta search is basically a site where a guest can compare different rates of hotels from various OTAs and booking sites, all under at one place only. Back in 2013, when meta search providers like Trivago & Tripadvisor weren’t expected to gain such an image they have today, it was just after Google enabled the function of Meta Searches that the hype could double up as Google being a blindly trusted term for all, the current studies say, nearly three quarters of guests searching for hotels confidently prefer to use Meta Search (Comparing hotels and rates) during their search process.

Highlight the F&B on your hotel/resort
F&B is no longer just an amenity of a hotel/resort, it independently has the potential to gain revenue if it has been positioned in the accurate manner. Right from streaming in exciting offers for the hotel’s FIT guest to convincing handsome deals for GITs, Corporates & Socials happening at the property. Not only this but if the F&B outlets are being positioned well in the market, and becomes a renowned name in the mind of your audience, it can attract major work ins from non-residential guest aswell. Let us help you with a plan, connect on 9892767676 with our manager.

Personalise your promotion
The motto of a hotelier is to sell experiences and not just rooms, we all have been hearing about loyalty programes but very few individual hotels use it to their advantage. Let your guest s turn back to you eveytime they think of booking a hotel, share a bond second to none. Let your inhouse guest feel special by affordable complimentary deals, gift vouchers, a deal for their future visits and more. Keep connecting with your existing clientele through constant conversations, mails, festive greetings and updates & achievements of your hotel/resort.

Renovate your hotel marketing strategies after constant intervals.
Trends may come and go, hence it’s never advisable to stick to a single route the entire year for promoting the hotel/resort. It’s always better to keep adding value to your approach by constant analyse in real time reports, discussions & enable additions & subtractions on your strategies, this would not only save you from wasteful hardwork but also cut down your unnecessary marketing budgets.

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