An engaging Hotel's website - Do's & Dont's

Date: October, 2020

Creating a website with original and interest grabbling content is a challenge for every brand, especially when it comes to a hotel where in the luxury and standard of comfort and facilities have to be displayed to the guest through a medium called, a hotel’s website but fortunately we a team of experienced experts will be able to help you with the most creative ideas for the website of your hotel

What to do & What not, here’s a quick go through on the same,
High Light Your USPs
Focus more on the factors that differentiate you from everybody else, content in terms of text and visuals has to be designed and elaborated in a manner that it curtails the USPs of your hotel/resort.

Call to action on every important pointer.
Make sure that where all there is a possibility of visitor getting attracted to the facilities of your hotel, there has to be call to action available so that there is more possibility of visitor connecting with you and further confirming the hotel’s booking with you directly henceforth, a call to action at relevant places can help you uplift your Hotel’s conversions. You may also like to read: How to reduce OTA dependency & increases hotels sales directly.

Let your new guest know about your loyal ones, building a trust factor is very important at every point of your activity towards the hotel’s digital as well offline marketing. A quick feedback video or a simple write-up from your most potential clientele could be an X factor in turning up queries to conversions. Make sure the feedback mentioned on the website is original and worth paying attention to.

Why should a guest book directly with you and not through an OTA?
If you are trying to Increase direct sales of your hotel make sure that the efforts towards it are in the right direction. If a guest is willing to book a stay at your hotel/resort, he has to have some benefit on booking with you directly or else he is already saving money by confirming through an OTA, a deal that’s beneficial for both has to be highlighted on the hotel’s website keeping the cost & budgets into consideration.

A picture’s worth a thousand words.
First impression has to be always the best, the pictures of your hotel/resorts needs to compulsorily in a manner that it urges the visitor to spend time on the website looking at more images and facilities of the place. So if the your hotel is on a hill station and close to nature, make sure that’s the way it’s been portrayed on the website.

Create a different identity, do not generalize your appearance on the website
Do not intent to sell just the rooms, sell experiences that would get in loyal clients for your future businesses aswell. For instance, having a hotel or a resort at some destination has the potential to grab in business apart from just the revenue from rooms. A package inclusive of sightseeing or a special add-on to the regular inclusion that give the guest a point up to book with you as a better idea.

Poor language on the website
Content is the king, the text language used on the website has to be professional, interesting and error free. So that when a visitor on your hotel’s website is trying to know more about it, he/she do not find any fault in it or would probably bounce back from the page. We are sure, with the above essentials, you are having a brief of how a professional website should be, let us help with a detailed plan for your digital presence of the hotel/resort, connect on 8268767676/

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