Are Golfers real athletes?

Are Golfers real athletes?

Some raps are hard to shake.

As golf has progressed into an unprecedented era of power, athleticism and fitness led by Tiger Woods, the stereotype of overweight endomorphs sitting around the 19th hole remains deeply rooted, upheld by golf bashers.

Are golfers truly athletes? Or is golf just a highly demanding skill?


The unique blend of demands is the reason so many jocks, both current practitioners and alumni of their primary sport, gravitate to golf. A question with views attracting, below are some insights of Professional Golfers.




“Not all golfers are athletes, but there are a lot more today than there used to be,” says Becker. “It’s why Tiger is so much better than everyone: He’s the best athlete.”




A spicy camparision between being an athlete and making an athletic movement, for playing Golf sure anybody can go out there and play, but to do it at the highest level, it’s the hardest thing to know.



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